Mosaic of triangles

Mesh for mosaic of successive correct triangles, coloring and clipart.

Coloring can be used as a scheme for sewing, knitting, appliques.

In a row of 15 isosceles triangles with a peak at the bottom.

In a row of 14 isosceles triangles with a peak at the top.

Only 30 rows in a grid for coloring.

A total of 870 isosceles triangles for coloring.

On both sides, 15 rectangular triangles.

Total triangles 900.

Online coloring mosaic of triangles.

Mosaic of triangles сoloring.
( 600 х 600 px. PNG, 443 байт )

Mosaic of triangles.
( 300 х 300 px. PNG, 280 байт )

Mosaic of triangles vector file.
SVG, 330 байт.

Mosaic of triangles

Mosaic of triangles